A Message from Sara Thurston


At Sara Thurston Designs, we want you to have fun with your accessories. Whether it is a distinct graphic print or a unique texture, accessories are a great form of self-expression.  Our collection offers vibrant pops of color for every mood and exquisite fabrics that look and feel luxurious—New England style at its best.


I grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and came east for college at the University of New Hampshire. It was there that I fell in love twice, first with New England and then with my husband Jeff; I knew that New England would be home.

After college, we moved to Boston, where I started my career in marketing while exploring my passion for art and history. After taking several art courses, I worked for a dealer in Brookline.  When I started working for a wedding and events magazine, I began to focus on designing and creating again.  We lived in Boston until our boys were born, at which time we moved to Newburyport, where we still live.


The city of Newburyport has been a beautiful place to raise our family. My sons, Jeffrey, 17, and Henry, 13 are very active in sports, and we love watching their games; for us, their school and activities have been a great way to connect to the community. Through the Newburyport Education Foundation, I  volunteer and give back to the excellent school system in our remarkable city. From Plum Island beaches to the hiking trails, Newburyport is an extraordinary place to call home.


I have always loved fashion; growing up, the walls of my room were plastered with pictures of supermodels from the pages of Vogue and Elle. I followed the trends and curated my unique style. Fabrics and textures inspired me in a similar way that paintings and sculptures did. I always saw fashion as self-expression, personal, wearable art.


The idea of balancing a neutral outfit with a boldly printed accessory is exciting. It makes a visual impact and puts a stamp on a person’s style. Belts have long been my favorite way of achieving this pop of color and pattern, but it became increasingly difficult to find these fabric belts that I was searching for, so I decided to make them.

I traveled from Boston to LA to find the signature fabrics of Sara Thurston Designs. Inspired by the sea and the natural beauty of the Northshore, I wanted to see those local elements transferred onto fabric. I partnered with a local Newburyport fashion company that distributes timeless, quality, detachable buckles. These belts tell my story of New England and have become our first collection.


Sara Thurston Designs is a small, independent company. Our designer fabrics are all sourced from the USA. The buckle distributor is from Newburyport, and I am immensely proud to be supporting another small local business. We pride ourselves on making classic, high-quality accessories that can become the signature piece in any closet.