Feminine and Fierce – Female Owned Fashion Brands Are Right on Trend

Sara Thurston Designs Newburyport

High-style found its way to Newburyport on August 5th. The ballroom at 76 State Street was buzzing with excitement as the Newburyport area models were styled and photographed wearing Sara Thurston Designs fall collection. The dramatic loft space with floor-to-ceiling windows and distressed brick walls was the ultimate backdrop for the editorial shoot. The conversation was animated, laughter was genuine, and the photos were remarkable – all under the watchful eye of designer owner Sara Thurston who has worked so hard to make her dream come true.

Sara Thurston Designs is the newest female-owned accessory brand to hit the New England Fashion scene. These easy-to-wear, feminine pieces have a timeless look that can be paired with a little black dress or jeans and a favorite t. Wheat Newburyport, another company owned and operated by women, supplied a varied collection of styles for the models to be photographed, proving that Sara's belts can go with any outfit, smart or casual.

"I wanted my first collection to represent the New England woman and her easy elegance." Said Thurston. "She is a fashion-conscious woman who loves classic accessories and will not compromise on style or quality." And Sara has not compromised at all for this collection. She has sourced rich fabrics from LA to New York and hired a local company to add the bold brass buckles that complete each belt. The belt design is simple so that the textile remains the star of the show. The wonderfully lush color stories and vibrant patterns make these eye-catching belts the Pièce de resistance in any ensemble.

Thurston purposefully chose local models for her first catalog, many of which are also business owners and active in the community. "I was blown away by how stunning these women looked in their photos," Sara said. "I loved watching them. As the photoshoot went on, the focus shifted from the belts to these dynamic women!  They were enjoying themselves and each other while they wore our belts, and it felt incredible!"

"Seeing a friend and fellow female entrepreneur take the step into owning her own business is inspiring. Building a brand is messy; it's full of peaks and valleys - it gets hard, but that's what makes it so rewarding when you cross the finish line." Says Bridget Hunt, model, blogger, and content creator also based in the Boston area. "I think women tend to be better at nurturing and building relationships, both of which are important when you own your own business. We are rooting for each other because we know how difficult it is."

Sara is currently working with an all-female marketing team spearheaded by Cori Stevens, owner of The Busy Creative, a digital marketing agency based in Newburyport. Cori explains that working with Sara has been a joy from the start. "We have a great dynamic, and the whole team collaborates and is supportive of one another. Our goal is to make Sara Thurston Designs a success, and we've found a way to respect, listen and share while we do that." Says Cori, "Collectively, we approach the work from a woman's perspective, which I think makes for a more genuine end-result."

Sara Thurston Designs' first collection will be available for sale this October. The brand will continue to create high-quality, extraordinary pieces in an atmosphere of collaboration and female empowerment. She is proving once again that women-owned businesses are so stylish!